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Paris Can-Can

Published Monday 27 February 2006 at 16:05 by Kevin Berry

See Paris Can-Can and you see the Can-Can danced much as it was when Toulouse Lautrec began sketching the dancers in the Moulin Rouge.

Shoulder high kicks, astonishing splits and continuous, toe tapping excitement. Every movement has authenticity and the whole spectacle benefits from the vision of a modern choreographer.

Elsewhere there are raunchy dance numbers inspired by the Moulin Rouge film, a touch of An American in Paris and the glamorous styles associated with the Lido cabaret.

Chanteuse Anne Hubert opens the show in classic, Paris street singer style. She sings purely and emotionally and without elaboration.

The speciality acts are all French, with the exception of aerialists William Soskice and Louise Taylor who are UK born but French domiciled. There is sublime skill and stagecraft from them all. Sophistication is part of their being.

Soskice and Taylor have astonishing grace and balance which they display in two beautifully choreographed spots. When the divinely comic David Burlet spins his plates he seems to be actually making some of them bend. Paul Ponce juggles amazingly and then he walks up and down the aisle repeatedly juggling half a dozen spinning hats high into the air.

The Scarborough audience was at first curious and then joyfully enchanted with all of them. Curious because they did not know exactly what to expect. There are no announcements from the stage and there are no programmes for this show. Not even a simple cast list. This is more than a pity.

Production information


Park Avenue Entertainment Group of New York


Paul Ponce, Lia Ponce, David Burlet, Tina Clay, William Soskice, Louise Taylor, Anne Hubert, Sabine Leroc, Sylvian Rigault, Katie Jordan, Frances Park, Charlene O'Haire, Desiree Gorman, Sarah Whitfield, Louisa Drake, Sarah Lloyd, Joanne Wright, Samara Stanton, Chris Moore, Scott Campbewll, Greg Meyer, Gary Thomas


Jeffrey B Moss


Randal Wright (also costumes)

Production information can change over the run of the show.